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"Without vision, people perish."

From the Bishop's Desk


All glory and honor is due to our King. there is no better time than to know our awesome Savior and Lord. As we continue to grow in numbers from demonstration of God's power and love, it is important to remember to help your fellow man learn of his power. I cannot say thank you enough for your faithfulness and commitment to the things of God and you must also know that your labor for the kingdom is not in vain. We have seen many miracles, but have yet to witness greater that is to come.

A new is before us and we must enter in with a clean canvas so God may color a vibrant picture of new hope and blessings upon it. You must ensure that all things not of him must be decreed, cancelled, and denounced out of your life. The season is now to proclaim victory from the four corners of the earth to come forth in Jesus name! 

Take the time continuously to hear what the Spirit of God is saying in this hour. Certainly not to abandon the mission and become a vagabond, but to plant and reap for His names sake. Many times we are impatient with direction and find ourselves in left-field, miles away form the path. However, hearing from and speaking with the Lord will ensure that we're purpose-driven. Dare not to be caught in the bait of Satan called offense, but instead doing what the will of the Lord is for the lives of the kingdom family. Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your laboring is not in vain.

Finally, compel other to come and experience the love of our Father and His awesome power here at the Potter's Place.



Bishop P. E. Bonner

Our Mission

The mission of the Potter's Place Ministry is to cause a person to join into the household of faith the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a Christ led bible-based, Holy Ghost filled, culturally conscious, and socially aware family of believers bound together to make a difference in a dying world, through preaching, teaching, worship, praise discipleship and personal development. We are committed to saving a life.

Our Vision

In this vision, I am compelled by the spirit of God to build the hearts, mind, and attitudes of God's sheep, to think, feel and do the things of the Lord Jesus. Additionally, the Lord has instilled in me the compassion for our communities. That we should join together in one fellowship to provide resources that would aid in developing spiritual families through elderly care, daycare, community activities, marriage, counseling, singles ministry, youth ministry, scholarships, and more.

Worship Schedule

8:30 am - Sunday School

9:30 am - Worship Service

5:00 pm - Bible Study (Mon.)

6:00 pm - Midweek Service (Wed.)

12:00 pm - Facebook live Encouraging Word (Thurs.)

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